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Privacy Policy

Gummy Bear Recruitment Company Limited is an agency based in Bangkok, Thailand.

To perform our work we collect the personal data of candidates in order to match them to potential job opportunities.

By sending your resume to us and/or applying for a job, we understand that we have your consent to keeping that data so that we can contact you about potential job opportunities that we have now or in the future. 

We will contact you before submitting your personal information to any client to confirm that you are interested in the role - we believe this appropriate and sensible. We will do our best to verify the data we have is correct before we submit to a client, especially where it might have changed (e.g. where you live, skills that you have)  - again we believe this is a sensible step for both of us.

We store your information on best-in-class cloud-based systems, and both our systems vendors and ourselves do our best to ensure your data remains private.

If you prefer us not to have your data, then it's best not to send it.  If you have sent it, or think we may have it, please contact us via dpo (at) and request us to delete your data; we will do so as quickly as we can, and should certainly be deleted within 30 days.

If you created a profile on this site, you may delete it by yourself, although this won't delete it from our systems and you should request us to do as above.

We do retain logs, demographic and statistical information about you and keep an anonymized archival copy of your information for analytical purposes only.

You may contact our DPO for questions or concerns about our privacy practices: dpo (at)

Cookie Policy

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