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Our Clients

Our services

Our aim is to help you find the best available candidates to fill your technical roles. We use our technical knowledge and connections to find candidates skilled in modern languages and deployment technologies. Our connections include a large number of very skilled and experienced staff to also fill more senior roles.

We primarily work on a contingent (pay on success) basis. We can also do executive search for companies looking for specialist candidates.

How we work with clients

  • We first want to meet you (online, or in-person is appropriate) and discuss in detail your staff needing, including technical and soft skills as well as cultural fit.
  • Once we have a clear understanding of the people you're looking for, we undertake a search for potential candidates. As suitable candidates are identified, we pre-screen and interview them as quickly as possible. 
  • Once good skills and a cultural match are confirmed, they are submitted. We ask clients to review and arrange meetings with candidates as soon as possible to ensure we're sending people with the right skills, and also to avoid missing out on a good candidate in today's fast-moving and competitive labour marketplace.
  • If we fail to find suitable candidates, we review our approach with you and agree on the best way to move forward in order to ensure a successful outcome for both of us.

Finding candidates

We primarily search for candidates, and use the following means:

  • a search of our own specialized database, built up from a number of years of active work in the industry
  • reach out to contacts and personal networks built up over time
  • search various proprietary databases (including JobsDB and LinkedIn)
  • reach out on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • search specialist sites (GitHub, StackOverflow)
  • advertise on our website and specialist job sites

Via a careful and time-consuming process, we are able to locate and engage with candidates who may not be active in the marketplace and have the knowledge and skills to engage with them regarding career options.

We are also happy to make suggestions about the use of Google Workspace and SaaS systems, based on our own internal deployment experience, including use of New Google Sites for better internal documentation and processing (especially with WFH) and Chrome OS / Chromebook deployments. 

To learn more about Gummy Bear Tech, and how we can help, please contact us or one of our consultants!

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