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Gummy Bear Recruitment Company

About Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear is a next-generation recruitment company, with highly skilled staff using the latest systems, techniques, and a personal approach to find and match candidates with great career opportunities.

Within Gummy Bear Recruitment Company we have two divisions:

Gummy Bear Tech

Gummy Bear's main focus is on Tech and Information Technology / IT Recruitment, and we specialize in finding and developing relationships with highly skilled candidates in Web Development and Information Technology / IT 

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Gummy Bear Asia

Gummy Bear also works with clients to help them find staff with good English skills for roles in:

  • Sales / Business Development
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Recruitment

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Services from Gummy Bear

Our main service is contingent (pay on success) recruitment. We can also provide Executive Search and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.

Why Gummy Bear?

At Gummy Bear we actively search for candidates, using our own and selected online databases, as well as active engagement on social media and our own personal networks/connections.

We "walk the walk" when it comes to the latest techniques and tools for recruitment, using modern IT systems as well as constantly studying new approaches to find and engage with candidates in a very competitive labor marketplace.

We discuss all opportunities carefully with candidates and only present them to clients when we see there is good potential for them to be successful - we understand everyone is busy and will work to save your time whilst producing more successful outcomes.

Like to learn more about how we can help? Please get in contact with us!

Gummy Bear Recruitment Co., Ltd. is registered with the DoE in Thailand, recruitment license 1311/2556.

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