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LinkedIn Tips

​​​LinkedIn Profile Tips

​​Doing a good LinkedIn profile is becoming essential if you want to be found by potential employers. It's also becoming more common for people to look at your LinkedIn profile rather than your resume.

  • Professional profile photo:  No Selfies. No blue background.  No school photos.

  • Supporting background picture: add a relevant (but simple) image for a better impression

  • Headline / Job Title are dominant: make sure they have the right keywords to attract attention

  • Customize your LinkedIn URL and get rid of numbers and letters in your profile URL.

  • Link your jobs to company profiles so that their logo appears on the left - it improves your profile's appearance and helps make it clearer where multiple positions have been for the same company

  • Keep role descriptions short:  Ideally 2 - 4 bullet points about your key activities there. Keep in proportion to how long you spent there. Older jobs are better with shorter descriptions.

  • LinkedIn profile and resume should be consistent: if your resume looks too different from your online profile it may cause potential employers to be concerned

  • Remove duplicate profiles: this looks better and it makes clear which profile people should see

It's worth updating your profile regularly so that anyone who is looking will see your current details!